The FIR - Federation of International Racketlon

Federation of International Racketlon is governed by the FIR COUNCIL which is elected by the FIR GENERAL MEETING consisting of the country representatives of all FIR member countries.

Federation of International Racketlon

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FIR - Tournament Software

You can find all official information about the tournaments, nations, players, rankings and results.


ERU - European Racketlon Union

The European Racketlon Union was founded by the National Racketlon Federations of Austria, Latvia and Romania with subsidies from the Sports Ministry of Austria.

The purpose of the European Racketlon Union is to support the Federation of International Racketlon to grow the 4-Rackets-Sport of Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Tennis.

They are working on Youth Development, implementing of Anti Doping Measurements, Sport Center Development, Support of Racketlon Tournaments, introducing New Technology to the game and much more. Check their GOALS to find out what the ERU is all about.

They are also assisting national Racketlon Federations with their Corona-Management.


RFA - Racketlon Federation Austria

All information about Racketlon Federation Austria.


Racketlon Danmark

All information about Racketlon Denmark.


UK Racketlon

All information about UK Racketlon.


Czech Racketlon

All information about Czech Racketlon.


Deutscher Racketlon Verband

All information about Racketlon Germany.


Swiss Racketlon Federation

All information about Swiss Racketlon Federation.


Racketlon France

All information about France Racketlon.


Racketlon Finland

All information about Finland Racketlon.


USA Racketlon

All information about USA Racketlon.


VZW – Landelijke Racketlon Federatie

All information about Belgium Racketlon Federation.


RSS – Racketlon Szabadidosport Szövetseg

All information about Hungary Racketlon Federation.


RISA – Racketlon India Sports Association

All information about Indian Racketlon.