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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Racketlon?

In Racketlon you play your opponent at TABLE TENNIS, BADMINTON, SQUASH and then TENNIS (in that order), with each sport played to 21 points: the player who scores the most points across all four sports wins the Racketlon match.

If I never played one of these sports?

It’s very common for players to first come to Racketlon with experience in only one of the 4 sports. However, racket sports players are able to pick up the basics of all the sports very quickly and after their first tournament, soon catch the Racketlon bug!

How should I start?

Tennis players start trying to find their nearest badminton club, squash players visit their local table tennis club and so the Racketlon journey begins: tournaments are entered, friends are made and before they know it, they are no longer just a Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash or Tennis player…they are now a Racketlon Player.

Tell us more :)

It is a great sport for all racket sports fans! Every point in every sport counts towards your score, so there are a lot of tactics, mental pressure and fun to be had in every match. All Racketlon tournaments have classes for all abilities and all ages, so they are open to everyone to play: from beginners to elite players.

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