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Member of European Racketlon Union


The European Racketlon Union was founded by the National Racketlon Federations of Austria, Latvia and Romania with subsidies from the Sports Ministry of Austria.

Current Member Countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Turkey.

The purpose of the European Racketlon Union is to support the Federation of International Racketlon to grow the 4-Rackets-Sport of Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Tennis.

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The work of the European Racketlon Union – ERU – is dedicated to help the 4-racket-sport of Racketlon grow. The Union’s aim is to make Racketlon more popular, increase the number of national federations and players. The ERU aims to introduce new concepts and technologies to the game and is open to cooperations with other sport federations as well as businesses and stakeholders.

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